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Sandstone Sandstone

We specialize in SANDSTONE PAVING!

Sandstone is non-slip and excellent for pools surrounds and pool copings, exterior entrance ways, outdoor living areas and areas with steps. We stock two main sandstones...

  • Bianco Sandstone - whitest of the Indian Sandstones with occasional grey veining (also called Apple White or Tinted Mint).
  • Moire Sandstone   - warm off white Indian Sandstone shown to the right (similarly called Peach White or Tinted Mint).

We have imported Teakwood, Rainbow, Gosford, Helidon and others but found the two hard sandstones mentioned above are best.

Important considerations to get the best from our sandstone...

  • Use it in exterior applications only.
  • Seal it with Ole Repella as a pre-seal, and then as a top coat seal after grouting.
  • Use a mid grey coloured grout.
  • Use a watering can to apply SolaKlenz which cleans the stone all year.
  • Don't use bleach or 'Wet and Leave type' products. They kill the seal.
  • Don't waterblast the surface as it opens the pores and then gets dirty really quickly.

There are now many poor quality sandstones on the market that rust, or come chipped with grinding marks from fabrication. StoneOnline Ltd stocks ONLY premium quality and does not have these quality defects. Our prices are also the best on the market.

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 Bianco Rebated Bullnoses 
 Bianco Rebated Bullnoses 
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 Bianco Sandstone Tiles 
 Bianco Sandstone Tiles 
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 Moire Rebated Bullnoses 
 Moire Rebated Bullnoses 
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 Moire Sandstone 600x600x15mm 
 Moire Sandstone 600x600x15mm 
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